What’s CMS?
Before understanding the conception of CMS (Acronym for Content Management System), it’s necessary to understand that an LMS, despite being a course director, isn’t the course itself.
In order for the course to be created, the company must hire a consultancy specializing in the development of online courses or have a system for internally creating these courses through an authoring tool.
And the CMS is precisely this system, that is, it’s the authorial tool for online courses, in which you can fit your own content, produce defenses, do exercises, assessments, etc.
The main function of the CMS is to try to internalize the content creation process of online courses, making it possible for indeednon-programmers to be suitable to produce trainings, prize them from the CMS and fit them into the LMS.
Although it may feel tempting to develop your own courses, those who believe that this task is commodity simple are wrong. Thus, we recommend that after finishing this composition, access
. Each about SCORM pattern and why is it so important in EAD?
What’s LCMS?
The LCMS (acronym for Learning Content Management System) is a junction between the LMS and the CMS, that is, in this tool it’s possible to produce the course, publish and manage everything in just one system.
As it can also serve as a content storehouse platform, it makes it possible to gather in one place the roster operation of all courses.
In addition, in this tool it’s generally also possible to fit the schedule and schedule of in-person training, that is, to manage absolutely all the company’s training, creating learning trails and designing Blended- Learning results.
Sounds like a dream, does not it? But imagine the complexity needed to manage such a robust system. As it’s a more complete system, it’s natural that we’re talking about heavier tools, with numerous features, which may be less intuitive and bear further specialized druggies or further used to using more complex tools.

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