management information systems course

management information systems course

Information Systems Management


The Degree course in Information Systems Management provides solid training in the area of   Information Systems Management, through the analysis and rationalization of information processes and circuits, optimizing information management and security through the use of new information technologies and communication, allowing access to a wide range of professional opportunities. The degree study plan is a current plan, with a duration of 3 years, with a flexible structure, which allows the student to guide their curriculum according to their interests and motivation and respond to some specialization needs, whether required for the exercise of its function, through the necessary adaptations and adequate to the evolutions both in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and in Society.


The Degree course in Information Systems Management trains professionals in the fields of Organizational Sciences and Information Systems (IS) highlighting both the Technological and Organizational aspects, enabling students to perform the functions that the Information Society and the Knowledge makes organizations emerge, aiming at their rapid integration into working life. The course focuses essentially on the methods, concepts and practical applications of Information Systems in the labor market, providing students with skills for the conceptualization, design and implementation of Information Systems, taking into account Information Technologies and Communication (ICT) and, basing these concepts on the general knowledge of Management. Thus,


Study Plan

Dispatch for publication in Diário da República


Status: Accredited

Number of years of accreditation: 6 years (from April 19, 2016 to April 18, 2022)

See here:  A3ES Accreditation

Submission Report

career opportunities

Information Systems Managers and Technicians;

Consultants in Information Systems Organizations;

Specialists in Analysis and Information Management;

Information Systems Development;

Product Managers in Information and Communication Technologies;

Reasons for choosing the course

Because the profile of the course is adjusted to the demands of the job market;

For the rigorous basic scientific training, completed with the development of a very strong practical component;

Due to the close relationship between the faculty and students;

For the opportunity to carry out a curricular internship in a company recognized in the market, thus facilitating the approximation to the real work context or, alternatively, carrying out an applied organizational project;

For the technical, scientific and pedagogical quality of its faculty;

For the quality of the infrastructure that ESCE/IPS offers students;

For the numerous extracurricular activities that ESCE/IPS makes available to its students throughout the year (business week, management games, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.).

Duration and total of ECTS credits

180 ECTS.

Course coordination

Course Director: Prof. Doctor David Simões

Year Coordinators: Prof. Doctor Sandra Nunes (1st year); Prof. Doctor Vitor Barbosa (2nd year); Prof. Doctor Ana Mendes (3rd year).


annual fee

697.00 euros ( see tuition fee regulations )


Number of vacancies

44 vacancies.


Access and admission conditions

National Access Competition

Access condition: 12th year or legally equivalent qualification

Entrance exams: 16 Mathematics OR 04 Economics OR 18 Portuguese

Check here the specific access conditions for the M23 Regime

Check here the access conditions to Special Contests , Change of Institution/Course Pair and Re-entry


Not applicable.

Other information

Calculation of Final Course Average


The employability rate in the Degree in Management of Information Systems in 2015 is 98.5 (Data from the IEFP, on 31 December 2015) and in 2014 it is 92.4% (Data from the General Directorate of Higher Education, 2014). The employability rate in the Degree in Information Systems Management is quite high, with 81% of graduates finding a job within one year after completing the study cycle, while 95% of graduates obtained employment in sectors of activity related to the area of   the study cycle and 5% obtained employment in other sectors of activity. (Data contained in the Accreditation Report of the A3ES Agency regarding the Degree in Information Systems Management, 2012).

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